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Inspired by the famed Northumberland coastline, Alnmouth Gin celebrates one of the most idyllic seaside villages in the United  Kingdom. Rich in flavour and beautifully  balanced, Alnmouth Gin is a true reflection of this beautiful Northumbrian seaside  sanctuary. 

Hand-crafted using locally foraged whin grassland ingredients from around the River Aln, we use 10 different botanicals including samphire, lavender and watercress.


These are collected from the Alnmouth saltmarsh and dunes throughout the four seasons and blended in small batches in Northumberland.  

Bottled in a premium black ceramic bottle, the label on the front of the bottle is 100% pewter with a 100% pure brass inlay. The neck label is also 100% pewter. Premium packaging to reflect a premium product.   

Periodically available - subject to production schedules and botanical availability.