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Made in small batches in Scotland, Antonine Wall Gin has been created to celebrate a key landmark in Scottish history, the Antonine Wall. The carefully selected botanicals celebrate the Romans' influence on the area during their time constructing and living along the wall.  

The key botanicals are carob, fig, lime zest, Scottish heather honey and Icelandic moss. When skilfully blended in the correct proportions by our Gin Master, these combine perfectly with the other botanicals. This makes a soft, floral, smooth and creamy taste sensation designed especially for the discerning gin connoisseur. Antonine Wall Gin is bottled in a ceramic croc with solid pewter labels.  

Antonine Wall Gin has a distinct floral, chocolatey aroma and creamy after taste. This 

comes from the carob, fig and Scottish heather honey combination. Native to the 

Mediterranean, carob was used by the Romans as a substitute for chocolate. Considered a 

luxury, it was ground into a ‘coca powder’. Carob is naturally sweet and contains no caffeine.  

The fig, a member of the mulberry family, was cultivated by the Romans as a sweet treat and was highly sought after in Roman culture. It was normally only consumed by the upper echelons of Roman society.  

A favourite of the Romans who were present in Scotland, and a special treat of the time, was fresh Scottish heather honey. This brings a smoothing, floral Celtic-based theme to enhance and complement the key notes of Antonine Wall Gin.  

Production is heavily quality focused. Only the finest botanicals are used and small batch production means that every bottle is as the Gin Master intended. Only 400 bottles are made at a time to ensure quality and consistency. For extra provenance, each batch is named after a fort that is along the wall. Each bottle is also individually numbered.