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We worked closely with Fenwick to launch the Hotspur Bespoke Engraving program. Here customers were able to get bottle engraved while they waited, normally less than 2 minutes. A name or message of their choice was engraved across the front of the bottle. the large units contained customised Co2 lasers, and the screen on the front was connected to a fibre optic HD camera inside the laser. This meant the consumer could watch their bottle being engraved in HD! 


This proved to be a great foot fall generator and a gained a huge amount of social media exposure.  Please scroll down to see some more examples of the stand and some videos. Working on some new technology, we can now reduce the foot print of the stand if required.  Please contact us if you would like to see if this is something that could work in your store. 

The stand ready for business!

A quick tour of the stand in Fenwick, Newcastle. This was at the centre of the Christmas village. The screens are 55' LCD. The promotional videos on the screens can be changed to show the engraving taking place in real time. 

Customers could watch their products being engraved. This received a lot of social media attention. 

The finished product. It is possible to put up to 8 -10 words, depending on length, on the front of the bottle.