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We have been developing a new laser technology that allows us to engrave bottles. The bottles can be either ceramic or glass with 16 different colour effects. The effects are quite stunning! By using lasers we can eliminate the need for labels and the dreaded words that no buyer likes... MOQ! Production runs start at 102 bottles and are all show pieces. As there is no tooling, lead times are quite short too.

If needed, we can help you with the design and artwork. If you think this may work for you please contact us to find out more. We are already selling these to a select few clients with fantastic sell-through rates - the consumers love them! To find out more please contact us directly.

To celebrate the launch of the engraving program, Pilgrim Spirit was asked to present and showcase the project to the Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson.

He was suitably impressed and stayed chatting to the team for well over the allotted time.

The Pilgrim team also created a special edition gin for him - to show the flexibility of the engraving and how high quality it is. We have since received follow-up orders from Downing Street.

Afterwards the Pilgrim team met with the Cabinet and discussed how they could help to improve things for businesses in the UK. 

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